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Walk of Fame

Jim Palmer-newest Inductee

Jim Palmer was inducted into our USP Walk of Fame in honor of his outstanding contributions to the organization on many different levels.  Jim has led the way in innovative set design and construction,  sound and light control, video aides, and other off stage duties.  Jim also has been instrumental in keeping areas of USP functioning.  He builds display areas in our costume shop and prop shed.  He oversees installation and de-installation of airconditioning to our rooms in the community center and does general upkeep of many, many areas.  Jim has also dutifully served on the board of directors as treasurer for several years.  If there is something that needs attention, Jim often just takes care of it with no expectation of reward or compensation.  Jim exudes the true spirit of Union Street Players and is an exemplary member.  Congratulations Jim!

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Walk of Fame honorees since 2008 from left to right: Shelley Buhrow, Bev Graves, Don Graves, Jim Palmer, Carolyn Scharff , Arvin Van Zante, Denise Gregory, Deb Linn, Spencer Vermeer,  Pati Van Zante, Not Pictured -Doug DeWolf, Dottie McGee ,Pat Moriarity, Peggie Moriarity, Lisa Witzenburg, Wendy Vanderwell, Tom Vanderwell

In 2008, the Union Street Players Board of Directors instituted the USP Walk of Fame. The term “Walk” of Fame was chosen specifically over “Hall” of Fame because a “Hall” is typically a place where you hang memories of those who have retired but a “Walk” embodies the idea of those who are still actively on a journey. To their credit, many members of the USP Walk of Fame continue to contribute to USP productions in significant ways. The Walk of Fame is a way to honor individuals who have gone above and beyond in contributing to the success of USP over a long period of time. The general criteria outlined by the USP Board of Directors for consideration and inclusion in the Walk of Fame includes:

  • Ten or more years of active involvement

  • Participation in multiple roles (e.g. actor, director, producer, board member, lights, stage manager, and etc.)

  • Contributing to the furthering of USP’s mission

The original intent of the Board of Directors was to honor one individual each year at an annual awards dinner. However, the Board has chosen to honor more than one individual in some years (three in 2008, two in 2009 and 2013) and none in others (in 2012 the group celebrated all members in its’ 25th anniversary). All inductees are chosen by the Board of Directors, though anyone can nominate individuals for consideration. Once an individual has been nominated, he or she will continue to remain in consideration each year unless the Board deems that the individual nominated did not meet the basic criteria.

Theater Marquee Lights


Dottie McGee
Pat Moriarity
Arvin Van Zante

Bev Graves
Peggy Moriarity

Shelley Buhrow


Deb Linn

USPs 25th Anniversary Gala

Patricia Van Zante
Lisa Witzenburg

Don Graves


Carolyn Scharff


Spencer Vermeer

Doug DeWolf

Wendy Vander Well


Tom Vander Well


Denise Gregory


Jim Palmer

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