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Past Events


May 2019-Directed by Denise Gregory

An eclectic selection of show songs, as chosen by our USP Performers. Favorites from past shows and well loved songs of shows not yet performed.


Disney's The Little Mermaid

Dec. 2018 Directed by Deb Linn

It's Disney's tale of a young mermaid who defies her father's wishes and surfaces to pursue her dream of being a part of the world outside the sea.  Trouble ensues as Ursula, queen of the underworld, steals Ariel's voice and demands that she make Prince Eric fall in love in 3 days.

Kiss Me, Kate

July 2018 Directed by Pati VanZante

This is a story  of the production of a musical version of William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew and the conflict on and off-stage between Fred Graham, the show's director, producer, and star, and his leading lady, his ex-wife Lilli Vanessi. A secondary romance concerns Lois Lane, the actress playing Bianca, and her gambler boyfriend, Bill, who runs afoul of some gangsters. Fiends, frivolity and fun ensue in this Cole Porter classic.

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12 Angry Men

March 2018 Directed by Spence Vermeer

The verdict of a seemingly open and shut case lies in the hands of twelve Jury members, the verdict is obvious, guilty. But to one, there's more than meets the eye.  As each jury member must look inside himself to face personal prejudices and consider alternative responses, passions heat up and emotions run the gamut in this high drama.

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