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Cast List for "The Music Man"

Updated: May 7

I want to thank everyone who auditioned for The Music Man! We had so many delightful choices! Lori, Paulina, Karen, Sarah, Isaac and I are beyond honored to announce the cast for The Music Man! Congratulations to all!


Harold Hill: Michael Howland

Marian Paroo: Heidi Feldman

Marcellus: Travis Mitchell

Widow Paroo: Preshia Paulding

Winthrop Paroo: Miller Feldman

Amaryllis: Aurelia Zylstra

Mayor Shinn/ Salesman: Greg May

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn/Pick-a-Little Ladies: Bethany Schreur

Zaneeta Shinn: Braelyn Ensor

Gracie Shinn: Goldie Feldman

Ewart Dunlop/ Salesman/The Quartet & School Board Member:

Oliver Hix/ The Quartet & School Board Member: Spencer VerMeer

Jacey Squires/ Salesman/The Quartet & School Board Member: Robert Uy

Olin Brit/ Salesman/The Quartet & School Board Member: Mark Dykstra

Alma Hix/Pick-a-Little Lady: Jana De Zwarte

Maud Dunlop/Pick-a-Little Lady: Sarah Purdy

Mrs. Dorothea Peternella Squires/Pick-a-Little Lady: Denise Gregory

Gertrude Lubbers/Pick-a-Little Lady: Luci Hopkins

Mable Britt/Pick-a-Little Lady: Aemelia Tripp

Ethel Toffelmeir/Pick-a-Little Lady: Abby Dart

Tommy Djilas/Salesman: Grant Anderson

Charlie Cowell/ Salesman/ River City Townsperson:

Constable/ Newspaper Reader: Arlyn Stuart

Conductor/ River City Townsperson: Jobey Olson

Newspaper Reader/ River City Townsperson: Cameron Knox

Newspaper Reader/Townsperson/Crew: Riley Zylstra

Farmer/ River City Townsperson: Thomas Salz

Farmer’s Wife/ River City Townsperson: Rachel Salz

River City Townspeople:

Macie Adams

Abby Brown

Jack Brown

Amaya Cervantes

Paulo Cervantes

Sami Clark

Reanna De Vries

Rose De Vries

Harlow De Zwarte

Johanna Dolejsi

McKenna Evans

Dayrel Gates

Hannah Heartsill

Della Hesseltine

Reagan Hesseltine

Tori Labernik

Emory Larson

Anna Lutenegger

Jazlyn Morgan

Molly Schwerdtfeger

Lily Steenhoek

Gracie Videtto

Antonia Zylstra


Director: Deb Linn

Musical Director: Lori Lourens

Producer: Denise Gregory

Executive Assistant: Sarah Dron

Choreographers: Paulina Loaiza and Karen Ryals

Costumer: Denise Gregory

Stage Managers: Kelly Brown, Lisa Morgan, Riley Zylstra, Max Knox, Michael Munoz

Set Design: Jason Zylstra & Darwin Lourens

Sound/Lighting Consultant: Zavier Clark

Special Consultant: Isaac Piersma

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