Upcoming Events

  • Apr 13, 7:00 PM – Aug 08, 11:00 PM
    Pella, 712 Union St, Pella, IA 50219, USA
  • Fri, Apr 30
    Joan Kuyper Farver Auditorium
    Apr 30, 7:00 PM – May 08, 4:30 PM
    Joan Kuyper Farver Auditorium, 712 Union Street, Pella, Iowa
    Vincent VanGogh's brother, Theo, shares his thoughts and opinions of his beloved brother. Come here this dramatization of Theo's emotional memories. Produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois

Past Events

On Christmas Day In The Morning

Dec. 2019-Directed By Marti Zylstra

By Faye Couch Reeves  Produced in agreement with Dramatic Publishing, Inc of Woodstock, IL.   Set in the mid 1930’s in the Little Angels Home for Orphans, during the time of the great depression.    It looks like the home may have to close for lack of funds and just when there seems no hope, a bus crashes into a cow in front of the orphanage. Desperate for  their forever homes, the children take it upon themselves to seek out adoptions and who better to adopt them than the people all around them. Hilarity and heartwarming events make this show a great Christmas story.

Disneys-Beauty And The Beast

July 2019-Directed By Deb Linn

In a tale as old as time, Belle is sentenced to live in a castle for all time with the beast who owns it.  Will she be destined to a life of misery, or will she fall in love and live happily ever after?

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